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May 30, 2020

About Anglo American Books

The Anglo American Book Company was formed in 1992 in order to meet the specific needs of those interested in psychology, psychotherapy, counselling and personal growth. It had previously operated under the name of Psychotherapy Resources, which bought the well-known Changes Bookshop. This amalgamation became the Anglo-American Book Company. We are a direct sales book supplier with our systems and procedures expertly designed to provide the best possible mail order service. We also attend many major conferences, seminars and trainings in the UK with our specialist bookstall.

In 1996 we formed The Accelerated Learning Centre to cater for the needs of our growing number of customers from the education sector. The books we provide through The Learning Centre (as it is now called) are geared towards improving the processes of teaching and learning. There has been huge growth in this area in recent years. See The Learning Centre website,

Both Anglo American Books and The Learning Centre now operate under the umbrella of Crown House Publishing Limited, although as our friendly and efficient customer services staff remain the same our customers are unlikely to notice the change.

The mission of Anglo American Books is to empower others to achieve their goals and we constantly strive to do this by providing quality advice and counsel on products specifically suited to our customers’ needs. Our name reflects the fact that we are able, through sophisticated computer systems, to track down and supply, quickly and easily, books from both the United Kingdom and the United States that many of our customers find difficult or impossible to obtain elsewhere. Our aim is to provide the best service possible to all our customers in terms of:

  • A fast and knowledgeable response to all enquiries

  • Efficient and speedy dispatch of books

  • A free quarterly newsletter, Changes, to all our customers detailing all the latest developments in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and personal growth from both sides of the Atlantic

  • The latest information on availability

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