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March 22, 2019

Meaning: A Play Based on the Life of Viktor E. Frankl

Rubin Battino

Meaning: A Play Based on the Life of Viktor E. Frankl

Psychiatrist and neurologist, Viktor E. Frankl, was the founder of Logotherapy, the third Viennese school of psychiatry, concerned with helping people find meaning in their lives. He developed this system before spending several years in Nazi concentration camps, and afterwards he systematized and popularized it in many books and papers.

His book 'Man's Search for Meaning' has influenced millions of people worldwide. Richly illustrated with photographs of Frankl's life and times, including both painful images of imprisonment in the camps and joyful family portraits, Meaning is a biographical play relating the most critical times in Frankl's life. Much of the dialog is taken verbatim from Frankl's own writings, making this drama almost autobiographical. It will appeal to those who know of Frankl's work, and inspire those new to his writings to learn much more about this remarkable man and his contributions to humanity. "Meaning brings Frankl to life in full dimension - his spirit, determination, wisdom, and integrity." Jeffrey K. Zeig PhD, Director, The Milton H. Erickson Foundation. Paperback 116 pages

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