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June 04, 2020

Learning Solutions in Counselling: Resolving a Fear of Heights (PAL DVD)

McNeilly, Robert

Learning Solutions in Counselling: Resolving a Fear of Heights (PAL DVD)

Milton Erickson invited us to accept and utilize whatever a client brought into the therapy conversation. In this series of DVD demonstrations, individual clients are shown using have their own unique experiences to access the resources needed to create their own unique solutions. Rather than focusing on what’s wrong, these counselling sessions demonstrate how individuals can readily and effectively reconnect with their preferred experiences in a time effective way. These DVDs will be of interest to therapists beginning to learn this delightful approach as well as those wanting to enhance their effectiveness. In this session, a man’s intense concern for the safety of his children provides the motivation for resolving his intense fear of heights. Through the conversation, he discovers how to get back in control by reconnecting with his love of a challenge, and this helps restore his trust in himself. Specific helpful emotions are accessed and integrated into his own unique solution.

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ISBN: 9781845900113
Product Code 22588


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