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March 29, 2020

How to Stop Worrying & Grow Your Business


Personal Growth
How to Stop Worrying & Grow Your Business Some time ago Jamie ran a workshop for a group of people to help them take their business and financial success to the next level and to help them get an improved quality of life in the process. He understood the challenges they faced, and is really pleased to be able to share the ideas, concepts and techniques he uses to help solve these problems and create greater success. In this 4 hour audio recording, you’ll discover: How to get increased business success and reach more people; How to create more time for the things that are important (how to have financial success and have a life!); How to stop selling your time and put your energy into enjoying life more; How super-successful people juggle priorities of business and personal life (it’s not just about creating wealth it’s about enjoying the wealth you create); and much, much more... Four CD set.

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ISBN: 9781905045112
Product Code 22646


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