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August 24, 2019

Hypnotic Language Masterclass

Jamie Smart

Hypnosis > Audio
Hypnotic Language Masterclass In this unique recording, you’ll hear Jamie Smart working with a group of training delegates, in a oneday hypnotic language masterclass. Here’s just some of what you will learn as you listen to these CDs: - how to be a far more effective public-speaker, improving your career prospects - how to be a better conversationalist and storyteller, improving your social standing - how to be a better communicator, with happier relationships - how to be a more effective ‘change-worker’, helping your clients and yourself - how to bear more influential, leading to more success in every area of your life. - how to use ‘Hypnotic Depth Charges’ to get people moving in the direction you want them to as if it was their own idea! Also learn about: - A covert approach to eliminating resistance. - Frame-setting - the most powerful way to get massive leverage. - Tag questions, and how you can use them. - Misdirection - one of the key skills learned by the world’s greatest magicians. - Unconscious Anchoring - how to use this simple yet incredibly powerful technique to anchor trance states. - Embedded Commands - by the end of the training, you’ll have had lots of experience of embedding commands to create ‘subliminal messages’. - Trance Language - of course! You will be immersed in the language of trance. And a whole lot more! An extremely comprehensive hypnosis Masterclass.

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ISBN: 9781905045181
Product Code 23627


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