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May 30, 2020

People Pattern Power : The Nine Keys to Business Success

Marilyne Woodsmall & Wyatt Woodsmall

NLP > Business
People Pattern Power : The Nine Keys to Business Success People Pattern Power will show you how to redefine the way you do business. Clever sound bytes and speed of light global information pools will no longer be adequate to transition successfully into the 21st Century ... the true key to business growth and prosperity will be wisdom ... the wisdom acquired by combining relevant knowledge with purposeful and effective interactions with others to achieve a desired result that benefits both you and the closely linked global economy. People Pattern Power ... Provides a powerful and effective steering manual, which lays out the course to pilot business people to the next level of meaningful influence and rewarding personal and professional achievement. Success in business is traditionally measured by profits and productivity, which depend on people who are happy, motivated and efficient. For this to happen, people need to be successful in dealing with each other. This is often not the case. Many business people are not successful or do not reach their potential for a simple reason: they assume that everyone is like they are and treat them accordingly. The Reality is that people are different from each other in ways we can understand and apply in business. These differences are called People Patterns. They represent an assortment of perceptual filters through which we take in, screen, evaluate and act upon data about the world. People Pattern Power will help you to understand, to identify and to apply these patterns in a practical way in a variety of business contexts including management, sales, negotiations, training and personnel selection. Become a People Pattern Person. Share the wisdom of a select group of leading edge thinkers who have learned powerful insights, which enable them to achieve personal and professional goals through effective communication. We invite you now to take the leap into a new way of thinking about business growth. Embark on a profitable and enlightening path that reveals the secrets to understanding yourself and those around you. The result will be a new found wisdom, which will lead you to a new and resourceful brand of personal success and achievement concomitant with the concerns and the needs of the millennium.

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ISBN: 9781892876003
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