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March 29, 2020

Ditch the Dairy

Debbie Williams

Personal Growth
Ditch the Dairy

Addicted to Junk Foods; Cakes, Biscuits, Ice Cream, Pizza and Cheese? Help stop eating junk food with 'Ditch the Dairy' Some dairy facts
One of the components in milk is an opiate called caso-morphine. It’s part of Mother Nature’s plan to make nursing pleasurable—no wonder its addictive! And casein, the protein in milk, is the base for one of the strongest wood glues. Milk often coats the little villi in the intestines, preventing proper absorption of nutrients, thereby triggering hunger which doesn’t help with any weight loss goals. This means we can become overfed, yet undernourished. However with Debbie’s help, breaking that addiction will be easier than you imagine.

Changing your programming
We’ve been taught to link massive pleasure to eating certain foods, with associations like ‘naughty but nice’ linked to cream cakes. Luckily we can break those links easily. Debbie will show you how to change any habitual thinking using procrastination as well as how to reprogramme yourself to replace those old associations with new and healthier ones.

Using an NLP-based exercise, Debbie will dissolve the desire for cake, pizza or cheese, teaching you step by step to associate and link foods you’d never eat, with the food you want to stop eating. She will neutralise or wipe out completely your urge so you will be able to look at those foods and think "No, I don’t want it." You decide how far you want to go. Whether it’s eliminating that food for good from your diet or just turning down the desire—the choice is yours.

Let it happen all by itself
You don’t have to do anything, just find somewhere to rest comfortably as Debbie gently guides you into relaxation where tensions can be dissolved easily whilst her words drop deeply into your unconscious many suggestions in mind to find the solutions to help you to make ditching dairy happen all by itself. The benefit of relaxing to the trance will generalise into all areas of your life so you will notice many positive changes.

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