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June 03, 2020

NLP Live

Charvet, Shelle Rose

NLP > Business
NLP Live

Customers, clients and patients have become much more difficult to deal with. The Great Customer Attitude Shift has happened! This workshop, filmed at the NLP Conference in 2010 is designed for coaches, trainers, health care professionals, sales and marketing professionals as well as anyone who wants to improve their customers’ experience and is based on Shelle’s book: The Customer is Bothering Me!

The workshop highlights:

• What’s driving the customer attitude shift

• What are the main principles that guide your encounter with customers

• How you can create your own ‘customer philosophy’ to ensure you attract and treat them the way they want to be treated

• Decode how your customers, clients and patients actually get motivated, think and make decisions

• Discover if and how your organization may actually discourage customers, clients and patients

• Use the ‘Customer Tone Chart’ to read your customers’ emotions

• Learn how to end transactions so that you create positive associations and a real desire to return

• Design communication strategies based on hidden ‘motivation triggers’ to attract customers

• How to customize your processes to meet each person’s ‘below-conscious ‘needs

• Know the 4 steps for dealing with Upset Customers/Clients/Patients

The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly excellent:

"Complex theories delivered simply and with humour."

" Fantastic experience – loved it."

"So clear, grounded and relevant to everything in my world."

"Brilliant Speaker."

"Professional, generous and polished presentation."

"Very thought provoking – can’t wait to put this into practice."

"Superlative as ever."

This double DVD set is absolutely brilliant! It is interesting, funny, tongue in cheek in places and very thought provoking. Shelle is a great presenter and she certainly makes you think about things in a different way. She gets you to see things from your client/customer point of view, really think about what you are saying and doing, and helps you to create an experience that your clients will rave about. Therapists, counsellors, coaches - if you have clients, customers, patients or consumers of any type, then you really to have to watch these DVDs. Your business success depends on it.

Review By Terri Bodell, Deputy Chair, National Association of Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapist

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ISBN: 9781845907358
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