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August 24, 2019

Build Confidence and Self Esteem

Ailsa Frank

Hypnosis > Audio
Build Confidence and Self Esteem This hypnotherapy recording will help you build your confidence and self esteem so you can feel comfortable in a natural for you by releasing old negative habits and patterns. You can listen at bedtime or another time of day is fine as long as you are lying down in a safe place. As you lie back and relax as Ailsa Frank, registered hypnotherapist, will talk you through a series of exercises. This is spoken in a way to deliver the positive messages deep into your subconscious mind to increase your confidence and self esteem helping you to sleep well with peace of mind so you can face any situation with comfortable feelings. You will only make safe changes which you are ready for. Never listen to this recording when driving. Listen to these recordings daily over several weeks or until you have made the changes you want to make. It is useful to listen to Track 3 in the morning as it is designed as a quick confidence boost. You can listen to the tracks one after the other or alternate them on different days.

Track 1 - 15 minutes
Track 2 - 10 minutes
Track 3 - 7 minutes - Quick Confidence Boost
Listen at any time in the future for relaxation or to boost your confidence.

" I feel comfortable inside and I know I can cope easily with every situation."

Do you ever relate to any of the following questions?

- Do you want more confidence?
- Do you ever feel anxious?
- Churned tummy?
- Bad feelings?
- Confidence issues have held you back?
- Being bullied?
- Do you want to cope more easily?
- Do you lack confidence?
- Worries keep you awake?
- Do you feel out of your comfort zone?
- Worried when speaking to people?
- Do you lack relationship confidence?
- Awkward feelings?
- Embarrassing situations?

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ISBN: 9780956421623
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