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March 29, 2020

Embodying Experience: Forming A Personal Life

Keleman, Stanley

Personal Growth
Embodying Experience: Forming A Personal Life Contains a practical five-step methodology which is easy to understand, one that anyone can apply to himself. Included are illustrations, case studies, and fifteen exercises which teach how to disassemble outmoded behaviour, to assemble the elements of experience into new behaviour and to form an inner life. These steps are more than a self-help tool or a psychosomatic technique for self-improvement. They restore a sense of oranismic-emotional truth, and provide the means to embody experience into a personal design for living that expresses the deepest nature of the self. A companion volume to Emotional Anatomy, this book describes the methodology that accompanies Keleman's somatic theories. Using a systematic guide, the reader is encouraged to identify his own somatic patterns and to learn from his experience.

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ISBN: 9780934320122
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